What did President Sisi say about the Renaissance Dam?


The options are all open

Country Echo
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi made serious statements today about the Renaissance Dam crisis, during which he clarified the position and its constants from the beginning of the case until now, stressing that Egypt does not violate the right of the brothers in Ethiopia, but announced from the first moment that it respects their right to development, provided that this does not harm the interests of Egypt.

This came during his speech during the inauguration of the Secure Documentation Complex, saying: “You did not see you face the uniforms of 62 and 67, the cost of which was what I did, or facing the uniforms that I did in Iraq,” indicating that cooperation and agreement are much better than anything.

We monitor the most prominent statements of President El-Sisi on the issue as follows:

We respect Ethiopias right to development, as long as Egypt’s interests are not compromised
No water point for Egypt, because all options are open
My concern over the water started 2011 … and I realized that we would face a major problem
What happened on January 25 was the entrance to our challenge
– I sensed a feeling among our brothers after the rest that the water was going to Egypt for free
– What our Lord has done will not be changed by people .. And the waters of the Nile are our natural right
We are brothers, come build together … The confrontation is at a high cost
– I changed my words about respecting the right of other countries to development
Some parties exploit rivers in an ill-considered manner
Our position is honorable, our cause is just, and God will help us
We will not give up one point … God is aware of human intentions
– The civilization of Egypt has existed from a time when water was not prevented or destroyed

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