What do you know about the amendment of the new high school system? (details)


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The session of the Senate, on Monday, witnessed the discussion of the draft amendment to the education law submitted by the government for the new high school system, and the session witnessed discussions between the refusal and the defense of Minister Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education.

But what do you know about the education law raised under the dome of the Senate and related to the high school system?

The amendments aim to amend the general secondary school system, to become the three-year system, and the total is calculated on the basis of the grades obtained by the student at the end of each of the three academic years.

The draft law allows the student to perform more than one attempt in the end-of-year exam for each academic year, and it also allows for high school examinations to be performed electronically through the tablet system, and under this law the student will have the right to enter the exam more than once, provided that the first time is only without fees. The rest is for fees, without specifying the value of the fees prescribed for entering exams more than once.

The draft law allows the return of the improvement system in some subjects in return for payment of fees that do not exceed five thousand pounds for one article.

And the Senate Education Committee considered that this project represents a burden on a large segment of society due to its unconstitutionality, while the representative of the Ministry of Education expressed in the committee’s meeting indications of the Ministry’s desire to hold exams to improve the score for students wishing to improve their grades for a number of Several times after the approval of the minister, and this text in this way allows that, but the Education Committee considered that this matter raises the suspicion of unconstitutionality, as it contradicts a constitutional principle, which is “free education in its various stages in state educational institutions stipulated in the second paragraph of Article 12 of The constitution, on the one hand, and on the other hand, is inconsistent with the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens »stipulated in Article 9 of the Constitution.

The most prominent statements of Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, came during today’s session that “free education has been lost for a long time, there are 85% who succeed by cheating. , And we are trying to dismantle the plight of high school and reward the hardworking students for the effort of 3 years. We only ask for breaking the idol of high school.

He continued, “Bring someone who is 97% in middle school and give him a fair exam. Look, he will answer … The proposed amendments are a small part of the education law and are not a result of the moment.”

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