What does the new FLoC technology from Google mean? What is it used for?


Google is currently testing a new technology known as FLoC, which comes as an alternative to third-party cookies that collect data based on the behavior of Internet user groups in order to create relevant ads online, instead of tracking an individual’s browsing history.

FLoC technology

According to the Google Product Manager, by using FLoC, the browser identifies the group that is most compatible with the recent web browsing history, and combines you with thousands of other people who have a similar browsing history, as the group identification number is the only thing that is provided upon requesting the site, and this differs from files External cookies that allow companies to follow you individually across different sites.

But this feature is currently available to a small percentage of users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines and the United States, and anyone who has blocked third-party cookies in the current version of Chrome will not be able to access the preliminary test.

This comes as part of Google’s plan to get rid of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser and stop the practice of selling ads based on individual web activity.


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