What happens to your body when you drink tea immediately after breakfast in Ramadan?


5:00 PM

Tuesday 13 April 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Drinking tea immediately after breakfast in Ramadan is one of the essential nutritional habits of many tea-loving people, but did you know that this habit causes many damages to human health?

Dr. Syed Hammad, a nutrition consultant at the National Institute of Nutrition, told “Masrawy” that it is best to drink tea at least an hour or two after breakfast, but with the necessity to consume it in small quantities.

He pointed out the many damages caused by drinking tea immediately after breakfast, as follows:

It reduces the stomach’s ability to absorb some important nutrients, most notably iron.

It also interferes with the absorption of an important element that the body needs daily, which is calcium.

Drinking tea immediately after breakfast leads to indigestion, or disruption of the digestive process.

Excessive intake leads to consuming more sugar in the day, and thus the body contains many calories, which promotes weight gain.

For people who suffer from problems with blood pressure, consuming it in large quantities can increase blood pressure.

The incidence of GERD is one of the health complications caused by drinking tea after breakfast in Ramadan.

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