What is the difference between Chromebooks and laptops? .. All you need to know


Some people may wonder about what the Chromebooks are, and whether they are worth buying or not, compared to regular laptops, especially with their widespread popularity during the recent period, and the emergence of many reports indicating the great potential of these devices, as follows:

What is a Chromebook?

Despite having been around for nearly 10 years, Chromebooks haven’t really become mainstream, however, of late, things have changed for the better, as Chromebooks aim to be low-cost laptops running on Google’s Chrome OS.

Perhaps one of the main factors that distinguish between a laptop and a Chromebook is that it bets heavily on applications rather than programs in laptops.

How is it different from traditional notebook computers?

Chrome OS is the heart and soul of a Chromebook, and based on Linux, it uses Google Chrome to do basically everything you can get a file manager, app launcher, web-based apps.

You can stream from popular OTT services and use all Google services and apps. What you also get is the Google Play Store which allows you to download all Android apps – if you feel a lack of software on the device.

The difference from the laptop

One of the main differences between a laptop and a Chromebook is that you cannot really install certain software in any way. For example, some Adobe software will not work on Chromebooks. If you are looking to do some ‘professional’ hard work, the hardware is in place. On a Chromebook you’ll be disappointed, as the laptop can be “customized” to different specifications – something you can’t do on a Chromebook.


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