What is the “pendulum” system and its importance in combating tax evasion?


The opening of the secure smart documents complex, whose cost reaches about 15 billion pounds, is one of the most important steps to support the concept of digital transformation and the mechanisms of smart government, and limits the processes of corruption and tax evasion, and one of the most prominent products of this giant complex is the “Pendrol” system that limits tax evasion, from By tracking corporate production, reducing cigarette smuggling, and not paying taxes.

The term “pendrol” means, a small poster on which a group of insurance methods are written down – the water mark prohibiting tax evasion – which is difficult to forge, and is affixed to the product and contains a secret code indicating the payment of the tax, and it contains a “barcode”, and these insurance marks are revealed through procedures Technical and special equipment, and has numbers that correspond to the databases of the tax authority.

The presence of the “Pendrol” sticker and the watermark on the cigarette packs indicates payment of the due tax, and it is one of the best ways to combat cigarette smuggling, as the application of the “Pendrol” system helped stop tax evasion of local and imported cigarettes by about 6 billion pounds.

The Pendrol label is placed on the molasses products and imported cigarettes, in cooperation between the tax and customs authorities, and it limits tax evasion, and enhances the state’s tax revenues, which amount to about 70% of state revenues.

The integrated complex for the issuance of secure and smart documents is a gigantic technological edifice with advanced technical capabilities in the field of manufacturing and issuing secure identification documents, and it is the largest and most recent of its kind in the Middle East and Africa.


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