“Whatever our Lord made, will not be changed by human beings.”


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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent a message to the officials in Ethiopia, saying: “Don’t blush a stage that you are touching a drop of water from Egypt … The options are all open … cooperation is better.”

A clear and unambiguous warning, the waters of the Nile are a red line, all options are open, and cooperation is better .. This is Egypt’s official speech without curses, narratives or narrations transmitted, the tongue of the Egyptian leadership is clear, clear and categorical.

Great Egypt deals with honor at a time when it is proud of honor. Egypt, when it speaks, is a word of honor, and is committed to it. The commitment of a state that respects its international conventions and is keen on good neighborliness, we cooperate with what we have agreed upon, and agree on what we disagree with.

He changed us who changed and changed, and violated the oath that he swore in front of the Egyptian Parliament, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize, took over on the day of the agreement, and his intentions were revealed, and he deliberately broke down negotiations, and dared to divide the sky with the title of justice No human can change the will of God, and according to the president’s saying, “Whoever has done our Lord will not change him.”

Most observers are certain that the obstinate Ethiopian stance is not only an expression of a lack of political will, but also the presence of “political hostility”. Ethiopia provokes its two neighbors (Egypt and Sudan) as a systematic provocation to drag the region into the ravages of the war on the water, supported by forces that intrude hostility to Egypt, and Egypt is striving to The negotiations were out of strength, in line with its peace approach in the region.

Ethiopia, since the start of the negotiations ten years ago, has eluded and stalled at the negotiating table with a systematic media escalation that Egypt met with beautiful silence, based on a firm political position that does not change. Negotiations are the solution, even if they succeed in peace.

There is a “black cat” in the darkness of the negotiations. There are those who encourage Addis Ababa to approach hostility. There are those who are planning a water war in the region. It is impossible for the Ethiopian position to be so hostile without an international backer supporting it. Who benefits from building the dam of this size? Exactly who lies behind the dam wall, who financed and financed the construction of the dam? The “Bear” (the currency of Ethiopia) does not build a dam. There are stronger currencies in the dam’s finances. The dam’s electricity is not the goal, but the greed to re-divide the waters of the Blue Nile deducted from the share of Egypt and Sudan. Ethiopia sold the Blue Nile water outside the basin, and is waiting for the price out of thirst. The Egyptians.

The wise political leadership has set the red line, Egypt’s historically fixed share in the waters of the Blue Nile is a red line, and those who are close to it are tried, and Ethiopia must consider President El-Sisi’s saying, and understand that Egypt does not accept my arm, and its back is not against the wall, and its options are national, and the right to water is a right. To exist, and the political leadership will not stand idly by while Ethiopia robs its people of the right to life. All options are open.

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