When will Zamalek pardon Imam Ashour? A source answers


An informed source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the team, suspending Mam Ashour, the midfielder, and announcing the decision in all media outlets is intended and meaningful, as the French coach seeks to deliver a message to all players that there will be no complacency with deviating from the text and will be revealed Report penalties publicly so that players avoid repeating such matters in future matches.

And the French decided Patrice Carteron Imam Ashour was suspended and trained with the youth team due to his passing during the Zamalek match against MCA in the fifth round of the African Champions League, which Al-Abyad won with a clean double to revive his hopes of qualifying for the next round.

Imam Ashour stopped In Zamalek, it came because of the player’s overtaking after essentially not participating in the match against MCA, and when Carteron asked him to perform warm-up operations in the second half of the match, Imam Ashour appeared in an unacceptable way, and kicked the advertisements banner with his foot, which was what Carteron saw, so that the technical director would rely on Abdullah Jumah and it came instead of Shikabala.

Carteron intends to pardon Imam Ashour soon, especially after his commitment to the decision and the punishment and not to object to it, but this position should have been taken to deliver a message to the rest of his colleagues and to serve as a warning bell to prevent any transgression or deviation from the text in the future.


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