Why Ahmed Ramzi failed to marry Shams Al-Baroudi?


A joint trip to Beirut that brought them together was the reason for the newspapers at that time to weave a love story between them. Adhwaa al-Nujoom magazine published December 8, 1970 that the story began in Beirut, and there is a marriage project between them, and they will go to the Mazoun as soon as the film “The Happiness Hotel” is finished.

He met the artist Ahmed Ramzi Shams Al-Baroudi in more than one artwork, such as the wedding night, “She and the Devils” and others.The love story promoted between Ahmed Ramzi and Shams Al-Baroudi, ended when she returned to Cairo accompanied by her father, Jamil Al-Baroudi, and Ahmed Ramzi was among the depositors, and he was not alone, but his wife Nicole Delinda was with him, and rumors multiplied around them due to their permanent presence with some in the Lebanese capital .

These rumors extended to Shams al-Baroudi, after her separation from Prince Khaled bin Saud, so Ahmed Ramzi offered her to travel to Beirut to play a starring role in front of him. She welcomed a move away from the circle of sorrows and her feeling towards Ramzi about something, but this thing was not love.

Some attributed the reason for the rumor of love that arose between Ramzi and Al-Baroudi, is the need for a fleeting adventure to dispel the boredom and monotony of marriage, and he may also need support while he is embarking on a new experience of production, and these factors may have been some or all of them that woven the threads of the story.

The father arrived in Beirut suddenly and lived in his daughter’s house watching everything, then he decided to return with her, and the wife in turn came to be next to her husband, who decided to re-experiment with production alone. Shams traveled and Ramzi bid her farewell at the airport.


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