Why was Prince Harry’s wife absent from the funeral of Queen Brie’s husband Philip


05:51 PM

Saturday 17 April 2021

Media reports have reported the absence of Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Merkel, from attending the funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen of Britain.
And differences arose between Merkel and the British royal family, because of what Merkel described as being met with ill-treatment from the ruling family.
Al-Arabiya TV said that Prince Harry’s wife did not attend the funeral, based on the doctor’s advice, because of her pregnancy.
Prince Harry met his family for the first time in public at the funeral of Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband.
The body of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, is buried in St. George’s Church, Windsor Castle, England.
The British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” said that the funeral will be family-based on a small scale, given the restrictions due to the Corona virus.
After a Mass is held at St. George’s Church, headed by the High Priest of Windsor, the Archbishop of Canterbury will give the blessing, after the casket is lowered into the royal crypt.


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