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Nehm the stars, as they called him Rushdi Abaza, was keen to break his fast on the ground with the stuntmen, a large part of his battles with the producers discovered that it was for the rights of the stubborn, but he had recommended in some period of his life that his body be covered with dirt in (Nazlat al-Quail) As he used to reside there a large number of them, he always said that only these people would visit his grave. Realistically, Rushdi Abaza was buried in his own cemetery, but the shadows of the story indicate how keen he was to relate emotionally to these simple people, and more than that, he lived life spontaneously.

What worried Umm Kulthum that people only knew her personal life, I mean the emotional side, without that, he did not separate with her, but she was keen to confirm that she was and is still a peasant, and when one of the announcers asked her after her visit to an Arab country, did she eat with her hands? Her answer was categorical: I am a farmer, and of course I could simply do so.

Have you ever seen Umm Kulthum on a private plane? Did (Al-Sitt) not board a private plane in her life? Certainly it happened dozens of times, which was certainly repeated with Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid Al-Atrash, Faten Hamama and others, but what was the motive for me to take this picture for them? And who was suffering from a phobia, the fear of boarding a plane, and had an interesting dialogue with the media, Laila Rustom, about the causes of all this horror, in which Abdel-Wahab compared between a plane accident in which no one was rescued, and a ship accident in which the number of survivors exceeded the number of passengers because a woman gave birth to a child Of course, Abdel Wahab did not last long on boarding the ship, on his summer trips to Beirut and Paris, and with time he reconciled with the planes, but he never caught a shot that represented a provocation to the people, even though he had the title (singer of kings and princes).

The artist Kamal El Shennawy told me that he used to riot Anwar and Wagdy on the pages of the newspapers in response to Wajdi’s attempts to diminish him and question his talent, and when El-Shennawy replied to him, saying (he wondered how he called himself a screen boy with such a rumen and that sting).

Anwar and my grandfather proudly said to him: (I used to live on one Taamia tablet, which I divided between lunch and dinner, and after I was able to buy it, I went overboard and slouched in the body.)

What has changed? Have people become more identical than the star who reviews the state of the exaggerated super-rich, and this is how we found some to be proud of the car fleet and the brand of the bag, watch and shoes, and now we found someone who throws money in a swimming pool, are dreams of wealth, and without effort, they have become the largest share of people’s dreams, the world The ambition has changed, and what we see, whether from this star or others, is an unconscious response to a social change, which has imposed all its details on life. It deserves a greater amount of contemplation, and I do not envision it as the story of a particular star as much as it invites us to contemplate the situation socially, have dreams of getting rich quickly and without effort become a dream, and there are those who picked up the dream and chest it with brutality and madness for young people?

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