With old data, scientists are discovering a startling secret about black holes


According to the “Publisher Science” website, it is now known that black holes They are of two sizes; It is either enormously small or large, with a large gap in the middle.

A black hole is a region in “space-time,” which results from the death of aلنجوم Mega or “supernova”.

And what was discovered recently, according to researchers, is the presence of medium-sized black holes, meaning that the matter is no longer limited to holes large and small.

The source stated that these medium holes in size may be scattered in many areas Universe.

The size of supermassive black holes is comparable to millions or even billions of the mass of the sun, in a region as large as our solar system.

These holes are characterized by unimaginable energy radiation because they are very strong, and are described as the most radiant in the universe.

This third group of black holes, i.e. medium size, weighs the equivalent of thousands or hundreds of thousands of solar masses.

Old data

Astronomers believe that these holes, which are of medium size, are large enough to merge with each other in order to form supermassive black holes.

What was observed in these holes, i.e. medium-sized, is that monitoring them is not easy, because the merging process with them does not make a sensation in the current observatories of gravitational waves.

In addition, these medium black holes do not have the flare property of very large holes that we have known for a long time.

Three Australian scientists were able to reveal a lot about these “ghost holes”, and they relied on data from the US space agency “NASA”, since 1990.

When the researchers studied this data from NASA, they noticed a striking signal, which is a double flash of “gamma” rays, an electromagnetic ray that was discovered in 1900.

And if what these scientists came up with is true, then black holes of medium size not only exist, but are scattered everywhere in the vast universe that houses us.

Rachel Webster, head of the astrophysics department at the University of Melbourne in Australia and the study’s lead, says the data that has been relied upon has been around for a long time.

Accordingly, the researchers returned to the data of thirty years old, and the astronomical mystery in that period is the occurrence of huge explosions of gamma rays, with a very large energy.


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