Witness: Muhammad Ramadan to one of his follow-ups, “I love you and I don’t want you to forget.” What is the story?


A funny video clip has recently spread on the Instagram app, where a girl appeared in the video, whose features with makeup were similar to the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

It turned out that the artist wanted to imitate the look that Ramadan adopted to embody the character of “Moses”, as this caught the attention of a large number of followers, and opinions ranged between those who saw that she succeeded in imitating the artist’s shape and those who indicated that she was not able to imitate it completely, according to (her).It is noteworthy that Ramadan re-posted the video on his own account on the (Instagram) application, and attached it to a comment in which he praised what the girl had done and wrote: “Moses is the most beautiful audience in the world .. Happy of course. “.

Ramadan this sparked a wave of controversy, as observers wondered why he used the last phrase, considering that the word spinsterhood carries a negative meaning and offends the girl, and despite this, the clip has achieved more than 895 thousand views in a very short period.


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