Witness – Ruby Girl, Hitta Milbanah


Finally, attention turned to Taiba, the daughter of the Egyptian actress Ruby, where a number of accounts active on the application of photos and videos “Instagram” transmitted a picture that she collected with her father, director Sameh Abdel Aziz, and it was found that the latter took the photo himself in the manner of the selfie, and that was behind the scenes of filming scenes of the series “ Civil war”.

The girl aroused the interest of a large number of followers with her beauty, as they saw that she had grown up. While some indicated that she is very similar to her mother, others considered that she inherited her features from both of her parents.

It is noteworthy that Ruby released her song “One New” from the album “Hatta Tania” last March, as part of her participation in an initiative to support women. Through the video clip for the song, she presented inspiring stories from the lives of women that showed the challenges they face. It also shed light on the strength of women and their ability to face difficult circumstances and not surrender to them.

The events of the clip revolve around a woman facing a psychological crisis that changes the course of her life. Despite the difficulties and challenges, she decides to change her outlook on life and transform moments of pain into energy through which she can reach happiness and self-confidence.


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