World Health Day … 7 years of impressive presidential initiatives … video


The world celebrates World Health Day, and in Egypt, this sector is of great importance to the state. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, since he assumed the reins of affairs in the country, has set his sights on the health of Egyptians, so he launched many health initiatives on their head.

The comprehensive health insurance system was launched in 4 governorates: Port Said, Luxor, Ismailia and South Sinai, and includes 6 other governorates in the first phase, and about 3.8 million citizens have registered in the system so far.

As for the Decent Life initiative, it includes the development of units, centers, hospitals, and medical services in 1,400 villages in the republic.

As for the 100 Million Health Initiative, it aims at early detection of “C virus” and chronic diseases, and more than 60 million citizens have received free treatment.

While the initiative to end the waiting lists managed to perform 835 thousand urgent surgeries for free, through which 25 thousand citizens replaced the surgical procedure with medicine, and 395 hospitals participated in providing the service, at a cost of about 5 billion 425 million and 603 thousand pounds.

As for the Women’s Health Initiative, 28 million women have been registered on the list of early detection of breast tumors, 12 million women have undergone examination so far, while 3,000 women have received treatment, and 24 tumor centers have been built and developed according to international standards.

As for the Chronic Diseases and Nephropathy Initiative, about 23 million citizens have been subjected to examination, and one of the advantages of the initiative is to provide free treatment for life.

As for the initiative to discover hearing impairment and loss in children through 3,500 health units designated nationwide, about 30,000 children have undergone examination so far, 82,000 children have been referred for re-evaluation in the second stage, 8,000 children have been transferred to higher evaluation hospitals, and 2,410 children have undergone Resident foreigners were subjected to examination, and the initiative relies on 3,500 sound emission devices for the units, and 30 hearing meters, at a cost of 120 million pounds.

Corona pandemic, 100 billion pounds were allocated to support the health sector, and more than 100 million doses of Corona vaccines were agreed upon and more than 40 isolation hospitals to care for the injured.


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