Yahya Al-Fakharani was accused of quoting an Italian movie


A great controversy arose during the past few days after talking about the adaptation of the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash”, by the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani, from the Italian play Filumena Marturano, which was presented in an Italian film also in 1964.

The movie is titled “Marriage in the Italian Way” and starred by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, and its story revolves around a man who meets a woman during World War II, loves her and leaves her running his shop during his travels, and after many years he thinks about marrying another girl. She deceives him that she will die in order to marry her, and then before her death she tells him that she has 3 children, one of them is his son, so that he begins the journey to search for them.

The series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Shadi Al-Fakharani, and starring: Yahya Al-Fakharani, Hala Fakher, Anushka, Sherine, Karim Afifi, Ramez Amir and Islam Ibrahim.


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