Yallakora reveals the scenes of choosing a technical director for the Football Association


The tripartite committee that manages the Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid, is seeking to resolve the “technical director” position of the Football Association during the coming period.

The Football Association had previously thanked Mahmoud Saad, the former coach of the Football Association.

Earlier, Ahmed Mujahid told Al-Shams TV that a foreign coach is seeking to be hired for this position.

An official source in the Football Association said during statements to “Yallakora”, “coinciding with the opening of the goal project and the centenary of the Football Association, the tripartite committee is seeking to end the club’s technical director file.”

And he continued, “The closest thing is to seek the help of a coach from Germany to be in this position and who has a distinguished CV in administrative work and can transfer experiences in Europe to develop Egyptian football.”

He added, “The Football Association is looking for a person who can develop teams of all ages and ages. An opinion is used in any technical matters and a plan of action is drawn up for the technical bodies of the teams.”

And he continued, “It will also be one of the duties of the foreign coach of the Football Association to study the position of the league and matches and to develop proposals for the promotion of the competition.”

He stressed, “There are those who put forward the name of Manuel Jose because of his previous experience and work in Egyptian football, but there was an opinion that Jose achieved great successes in Egypt and for a while he announced his retirement, and therefore there will not be much to offer.”

The source concluded, “The trend is to use a coach who has never worked in Egypt, and the closest to him is from Germany, but the name has not been settled yet.”


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