Yasmine Sabry raises controversy in Egypt with the look of Kim Kardashian – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, sparked widespread controversy among her fans in Egypt after she posted a group of photos on her Instagram account with a look very similar to reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Comments on the pictures poured in from followers, one of them wrote: “Saira is like Kim Kardashian, a week looks like Nadine Naseeb, and a week looks like Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian is Egypt.”

In the last Ramadan race, the artist Yasmine Sabry was shown the series “Tania Tania”, and Ahmed Magdy, Nihal Anbar, Ayten Amer, Diab, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi participated in the tournament, and it was written by Mustafa Jamal Hashem and directed by Mark Adel.



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