Yasser Ibrahim saves Al-Ahly from the fall in Sudan and snatches the African qualification card


Yasser Ibrahim, Al-Ahly defender, saved his team from the loss against Al-Merrikh and scored a deadly goal in the last minute of the match, to end the match with a two-goal draw, in the match that brought them together this afternoon, Saturday, at the Blue Jawhara Stadium in the Sudanese capital Khartoum in the fifth round of the first group of the group stage of the African Champions League . This brings Al-Ahly’s balance to 8 points, and Al-Merrikh’s balance increases to two points.

Al-Ahly climbed to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League in second place, behind leaders Simba by 13 points after beating Vita Club by the same score, and tied with Vita in Cairo with two goals for the same.

Al-Ahly played the match with a formation consisting of: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Muhammad Hani, Badr Banoon, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Omar Al-Sulayyah, Diang, Muhammad Majdi Afsha, Muhammad Sharif, Marawan Mohsen and Junior Ajay.

A quiet start on the part of the two teams and the risk of the two teams’ goal was absent due to the apparent caution, with the passage of time the match started to get hotter, and Al-Ahly tried to visit the home of the land through the launches of Qafsha, Ajay and Muhammad Sharif.

Muhammad Al-Shennawi suffered a minor injury and received treatment before he continued participating in the match, and the 15th minute witnessed Al-Ahly’s first chances in the match after Muhammad Sharif received a ball, but he shot it with his left over the crossbar..

Then Marwan Mohsen received a ball and failed to exploit it after the defense of Mars intervened and saved the position. .

Al-Ahly’s performance calmed down, allowing the Sudanese team to control the match and score the goal of progress through Ramadan Al-Ajab in the 25th minute. . And Ayman Ashraf was blocked by Mohamed Mahmoud, the player of Mars, and the latter received a yellow card.

Once again control returned to Al-Merreikh and succeeded in scoring a third goal through Seif Terry in the 36th minute after he penetrated between Al-Ahly defense duo Yasser Ibrahim and Badr Bannon, and hit the ball in the El Shennawi net..

In the last minutes of the first half, Al-Ahly tried to score a goal to adjust the score, and Abdel-Rahman Hassan, the Al-Merrikh player, got a yellow card for roughness with Ayman Ashraf, and the referee counted a penalty kick to Mars after Badr Bannon blocked the Mars player Ramadan Wonder and wasted the last, after which the first half ended with Marss progress with a clean double.

Second half

Al-Ahly started the second half with a double change, as Betso Mosimane in the Congolese pushed Walter Bwalia instead of Marwan Mohsen, and Taher Mohamed Taher instead of Junior Ajay. Mohamed Sharif missed the opportunity to score Al-Ahly’s first goal in the first minute of the second half after he was alone with the goalkeeper of Mars, but the latter saved the situation.

Al-Ahly continued its disappointing performance and allowed Al-Merrikh to threaten Al-Shenawi’s goal whenever he wanted, and Muhammad Al-Shennawi saved his team more than once.

Hussein Al-Shahat participated and participated instead of Hussein Al-Shahat, and Walid Suleiman participated instead of Diang.

Al-Ahly’s performance improved, and Badr Bannon scored the goal for Al-Ahly in the 80th minute from a penalty kick after blocking Taher Mohamed Taher.

In the last minutes, the two teams tried to score, and Yasser Ibrahim scored the equalizer in the last minute, taking advantage of the corner of Qafsha, after which the meeting ended with a 2/2 draw.


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