You will not be upset normal .. Radwa El-Sherbiny comments on the case of the doctor marrying social media


Media Radwa El-Sherbiny commented on the recent incident on social media about a married doctor who was exposed by the civil registry while trying to document a new marriage contract for one of his victims.

Radwa El-Sherbini published a post on her official and personal account on the social networking site Twitter, and said Professor Al-Bahj is married and once pregnant and wrote his book on a second one and addressed the third and the companion of this fourth. You will not be upset.

News had spread about a doctor who lived in Dakahlia Governorate, as he had been associated with a colleague for 4 years, and then they decided to tie the knot, to be surprised during the documentation of the coupon that he was married to another woman and pregnant with him, and after researching social media groups.

It became clear that there was a fiancee and a sweetheart, so that the number of deceptions became four for this person, and his name began with the letters K and M, so that the pioneers of social networking sites launched a hashtag under the title Khm Diaries.

On the other hand, the media has appeared Radwa El-Sherbiny After the death of her mother, she collapsed on the air and went into a severe crying fit in the episodes of her program, She Wass, which is broadcast on CBC Sufra, where her mother died last month ofCorona Virus Newcomer Covid 19.

And Radwa El-Sherbiny said through the presenter of the program, and she said, “I had a nightmare for 50 days. I am not able and I do not want to talk about its details. Now I am talking about it, when I can talk about it, we will talk about it, but we had to know.”


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