Yousra on her participation in the parade of mummies: We are preparing for 6 months and proud of the great honor


Yusra commented on participating in the parade of royal mummies, saying: “I was honored to be part of this great party, and our Lord condemned this sweet opportunity .. and I thank all the people who chose me and an important moment in the history of my country .. And thanks to the president, he returned to us the value of the Egyptian civilization to Egypt, And they made us happy with our history“.

She added, during a telephone interview with the media, Reham Al-Sahli, through her show of confrontation, broadcast on the Extra News channel: “We have more than one museum in Egypt, we must be proud of them .. and it has many needs that make you proud of your country and that you are Egyptian .. We have been preparing for 6 months ago .. By God. Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, was assisted while sleeping in the street, and he and the men, so that we could see this great scene.“.

Yousra added that her choice to participate in the ceremony was a great honor for her: “Our tears were coming down from joy,” and what happened makes every Egyptian proud of being Egyptian. Follow-up: “Something that honors us and was above expectation, God willing.”

She emphasized that President Sisi’s presence today in the ceremony of transferring mummies demonstrates the greatness of Egypt, and the event that we witnessed and dazzled the world, adding: “I thank President Sisi in particular because he made us proud of our history, our present and our honorable past.”

And she continued: “Praise be to God, our Lord preserves Egypt and all the people who love us .. The first time Egypt knows the value of the treasures we have .. and the moment President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi waits for the parade, there is a great honor for the ancient Egyptians.“.

He continued: She was not able to answer the phone calls due to her feeling of illness, but she is currently feeling very much better.

Yousra continued, saying: God Almighty gave Egypt a great treasure and that it is its civilization, noting that the whole world did not believe Egypt’s great treasures, stressing that had it not been for President El-Sisi and his great interest in museums and their restoration, Egypt would not have boasted of those great treasures.


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