Yousra told Al-Masry Al-Youm: A “civil war” is a warning to family crises … and cases in family courts increase daily


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The star Yousra expressed her happiness with the reactions to Maryam’s character in the series “Civil War”, noting that she did not like the name of the series when it was shown to her, but she found after the completion of the story that it was the best fit for the work. “Yusra” added, in her interview with “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, that her presentation Social problems are due to watching the whole family, and that family problems do not always end, explaining that they present the mother’s role in a variable manner in every act and do not repeat any role. After the end of the Ramadan season, she will return to begin filming her scenes in the movie “The Night of the Eid” … and to the text of the dialogue:


First of all, it became clear during the past years that you are interested in presenting works related to the family more and focusing on them and addressing them. What is the reason for that? Is your interest in the concept of family issues and their solution, or successive successes you want to walk on?

Of course, family relations do not end and will not end, and problems are always developing and renewed within the family all the time, and therefore I have a space and a wide cloth to talk about all the time. As for the topic of talking about social issues, you will find that in the month of Ramadan the whole family is the one who watches television and gathers in this month, specifically in Ramadan, the family wit specifically and watching it a social act of its own makes a lot different, as I personally do not see any works outside the month of Ramadan because I am busy, but in Ramadan you will find everyone after breakfast sitting and watching the series and the highest viewing rate and entertainment are the series, in addition to that it may be The series is a message, discussion, and warning of a crisis related to the family, so family issues are touched with young people, adults, all parents, youth and children.

Are family relationships the best way to success from your point of view?

No, it is not necessary, it is possible to present the family with a heavy blood method that people do not like and do not succeed. If you go to the family court, you will find that the daily cases are unusual and every day increases and not decreases, so the family has the task for me to address it in one way or another, and not necessarily every year or the same. Way.

Does uploading art issues and searching for a solution make it more than an act of entertainment?

Art is basically an entertainment act. There is no disagreement on that, just as it can be fictional or show, so anything in art is permissible and beneficial to present, so science fiction after years we find it, for example, part of the truth, so art does not mean entertainment in it to stand on that, but in some cases it offers Solutions, but not necessarily, for example, presenting the problem and leaving it only and not providing solutions to it, and later you will find solutions, for example when we remember the Iraq war. When you ask me for my opinion before 10 years have passed, we presented the “storm”, and I did not see it until after time had passed. And now you see it with a panorama after the passage of time and the presentation of the work, things have become clear and this is what differentiates, as for the judgment at the time of the event it is speeding up, that art is presenting problems without solutions or even not raising them at all.

During the past episodes it became clear that Maryam’s character in a “civil war” was psychologically exhausting, so did this reflect on you?

No, my psyche does not reflect on me, but if we are talking about physical exhaustion, it is normal for the pressure to photograph more than 20 hours a day, but the character exhausts me psychologically despite its difficulty. It may be temporary, but living in it is difficult, after a certain time and experience one went through it became easy To be separated from them.

What do you think about the reactions to Maryam’s character?

I am very happy with the people’s reaction and that they are with me, but the majority felt that I would do something in the coming episodes, and I feel that I did not give up, because my audience has become very understanding of me.­.

Do you find that family relations are in a state of war, as you presented in the series?

A character like that presented by Jamila Awad, she is a girl who has everything in life and is educated and educated, here the important question is why does she have all this envy and hatred ?, But this is one of the existing models that are sometimes present in the middle of the family and sometimes cause wars Among families, why did the character reach this stage when she has everything, but she does not see that she has everything, so she becomes annoyed with everyone who has something nice in his hands that is permissible love, so you find that it differentiates between its owners, but you will know the reason for this after a while, but this character is a guarantor By igniting war, and I speak, for example, about the relationship between me and my ex-husband, why do people reach all this hatred between them, and the reason is that it was not in the beginning with love, so it became when his wound in his dignity was released from him and he took revenge on me in his daughter, and this is a reason and part of family disputes, and the reason for that we try to address it in a way Indirectly at work, because I am not a doctor.

Did the character of Maryam and her daughter that Jamila Awad met in your life?

Of course, I met in my life and I know them well, there is a woman I know who spoke to me after the episode and told me that her daughter did the same with her that Jamila did instead of me, in life you find that every day.

You are presenting the role of a plastic surgeon .. Did you hire a doctor to present the character?

Indeed, I hired a plastic surgeon, hair transplant, and I will say that in the coming episodes, and he represents with me in the series, but we did not see Maryam a doctor much, but she arrived and became famous and had a hospital and became a female and she speaks like a female and knows the meaning of femininity, and she talks about how she falls in love with someone and that she suffers from loneliness and loneliness If you grow up with her, there will be difficulty living with others, as there are very important sentences that the series talks about.

Why did you object to the name of the series “Civil War” at the beginning?

I do not know, but the reason is that I did not like him. I said it is possible that people understand that it has a relationship with a real social war, but when the story became clear to me, the name became a perfect fit in front of me with the topic greatly and I loved it afterwards..

She mentioned that Maryam is a famous doctor, so do you find that the lady’s fame could cause a problem in her home or neglect him that could cause disasters?

It is very possible that a shortcoming occurs in the event that she has reached fame, and it may not happen, depending on the type of the six and her circumstances, but in Mary’s case, her circumstances are very miserable, so she tried to find success in another region, and here we find that the father or the daughter deluded her that the mother left her for the sake of money and success and this is a problem The mother with the father that the daughter pays for her, through the information that the father gives her, but the truth is completely different.

Everyone says that he does not care about competition, but the opposite is true in most of the artists interested in that very much, what do you think?

It is necessary to develop and see yourself first before others, but to look and talk that So-and-so presented this role and I did not do it No, I do not repeat myself, because if the whole world sees me in this it will talk about me in the past episodes you will find that there is nothing repetitive and unexpected and all that you know You find the exact opposite. The first question of the audience that Basil Al-Khayyat talked about was what he did in Mariam’s bedroom and Musk Al-Haramah, so here everyone discovered that he was my husband, and after 3 episodes he divorced me, there is no prolongation of all events, and if you take your mind from the hadith that Nour, my daughter at work, says You were the reason that he was getting married, and I was really the reason that I pushed him to marry, all of that may be missed by you, but we do not like the lengthening of the events that were previously occurring in the series..

I presented the role of the mother a lot .. How different was it in each role she did?

The mother has a completely different role, and every mother has a personality, for example the journalist, your personality is not the personality of your colleague, not the personality of the editor, so is the profession, but the personality and the deal is different..

It became between you and director Sameh Abdel Aziz a duet, what is the reason?

Happy with Sameh, and he has the eye of a montere, and a very high sense of detail that he can pass by us, but he feels it, for example in scenes he replays it with different looks and strength. I could be presenting it correctly, but he makes me present it with a different way..

What about filming the movie “Eid Nights”?

Filming was started in it, but without me, because at that time I had Corona and I asked them to photograph until I came back to them, and it was written by Ahmed Abdullah and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and we have a large bunch of stars.

What is the reason for your approval of the film?

How can a woman who is oppressed in her life by virtue of the climate in which she lives to wake up and decide once to leave everything, she and others with different models of oppression for women and girls, and this is an important work and has a message.

What about the movie “Chekoku”?

The movie “Shikoku” is still in the reading stage and until now I consider me outside the project. I have not decided after approval or rejection. I love Ibrahim Issas work and I love him on the human and personal levels and I love his brain. When I presented the movie “The Maqam” with him originally, I had no role, and it was the role of a man. Mando Al-Adl talked to me about the project. He told me that I want you, but I will turn the role for a woman, and until I talked to him, will you show me the look of a woman dressed in white and your angels, so he told me that you will not be like you without change.

During the last period, I met with Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, more than once for artistic works .. What is the result of it?

So far we are still preparing. When we enter an artwork, I will announce all the details, but it is cinematic artworks, TV drama and theatrical works..


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