YouTube Kids app launched in the Middle East and North Africa in Arabic


Announced YouTube Today about the launch of an application YouTube Kids In the Arabic language in 15 countries within the Middle East and North Africa region, it provides an application YouTube Kids Family and children have the opportunity to easily watch their favorite videos, and give mothers and fathers simple tools to adapt the app’s usage to the family’s needs.

An application has been created YouTube Kids Specifically for children under the age of thirteen, it is an independent application that provides a variety of content suitable for all family members, as it provides children with the opportunity to explore new topics and sail their imaginations through a range of channels and playlists that fall under categories including: education and hobbies, arts and crafts, games, music and dance, In addition to family content creator channels and videos, and other categories.

It provides an application YouTube Kids A set of easy-to-use parental control and management tools to enable each family to choose the settings that suit them. Among these are useful features and tools:

Personal files: This feature allows parents to create a separate file for each child, so that children have a set of suggestions about content appropriate to their ages and interests.

Carefully selected content: The “Parent Approved Content” feature allows mothers and fathers to choose specific videos and channels that they allow their children to watch through the app..

Stop searching: When the search feature is turned off, the child will not be able to search for videos as the content available to him is limited to a certain group of channels.

Screen time: the built-in timer tool provides parents with the ability to specify how long their children are allowed to watch videos, so that the app gives the child a notification when the time for the specified session ends..

Block Channels or Content: Parents can block specific channels or content with the touch of a button.

Commenting on launching an application YouTube Kids In Arabic, said Tariq Abdullah, Regional Marketing Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Google: “Application helps YouTube Kids Families help develop their children’s interests while providing a suite of parental control tools to customize the experience based on the family’s needs. Whether your children are twelve years old and enjoy arts and crafts or are seven years old and interested in learning more about the solar system, it offers YouTube Kids A family-friendly space to discover and watch“.

If a parent finds any video that worries them, they can report it by clicking on the “Report” button to contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform..

The application is available today in Arabic as it is available in other languages ​​such as English and French through the store Google Play Or shop App Store For smartphones and tablets, as well as being available on the web by using a link YouTube kids.


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