Zaki saw me, the heroine of the Newton game “Don’t Look Like Me,” and my lady provoked me


The artist denied Mona Zaki That her brilliant reincarnation of the character “Hana” in the series “Newton’s Game” due to the similarity between them in personal characteristics, and revealed for the first time the scenes of her readiness for this work, which was filmed over two years and is currently shown in the Egyptian series of Ramadan 2021.

Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki from the series “Newton’s Game”

Mona talked about the character of “Hana” during an interview with her on the program “MBC trending, Saying: I met many personalities like here, and some people provoke me very much, I want to tell them that you are capable and strong, and you are the one who confuses your soul, and you are not allowed to return to Laura.

She added: From the very beginning of the story, I came across from Professor Tamer, the director, and I liked her a lot, and I felt that there were many needs between me and the character, and I felt that I had to sit and work on myself.

She continued, saying: I tried to be closer to her, and Professor Tamer and my colleagues helped me, and we had no time to prepare.

Regarding her repetition of the experience of participating in the next Ramadan 2022, she said: Presence remains according to circumstances. Certainly, if a good need is met, I hope that I will be present in the Ramadan season next year.

The series “Newton’s Game” starring Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Mayan Al-Sayed, Osama Al-Hadi, and the Egyptian-American actor Adam El-Sharkawy, screenplay and writing supervision, Maha Al-Wazir, Scriptwriting and Dialogue Workshop Writers Maha Al-Wazir, Samar Abdel Nasser, Muhammad Al-Shakhaibi and Ammar Sabry, produced by the company Media Hub (Saadi – Jawhar), written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.

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