Zamalek doctor: We preferred not to risk Zizou


Mohamed Osama, a doctor in Zamalek, confirmed that Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the team player, complained yesterday of a slight pain in the face of the foot, pointing out that his foot was slightly swollen with severe pain and he was not able to play, and the pain was difficult for the player.

Osama said in statements after the team’s meeting against MCA: “It was difficult to get him to participate and I spoke with the coach. Often he had an infection because he did not suffer any collision in the training course of Zamalek.”

He added: “Zizou’s case needs examinations and currently things are better. I decided to make a triple ligament for him to prevent pain and for every bloody league to work, God willing, he will be present in the next match.”

He continued: “Mahmoud Jensh got a strain in his back muscles at the end of the match due to one of the balls, and currently it is good.”

He concluded his statement: “The Mouloudia player fell on the field after he collided with Hamid Haddad, and we do not look at the colors. I had to go if I was in the place of Mouloudias doctor and asked not to complete the match.”

Zamalek regained its hopes of qualifying for Africa by defeating its host MC Algiers, 2-0, during the match that was held today, Saturday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.


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