Zamalek is studying the escalation of the crisis of Imam Ashour for the Cup


Officials of the Zamalek club are studying the escalation of the crisis of Imam Ashour, the team’s player, to the International Sports Court “Al-Kas”, which prevents the Disciplinary Committee from taking penalties against any party in a case without hearing his statements, and major penalties and decisions of continental federations have already been canceled because of this.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association issued decisions regarding the necessary penalties in the video incident of a number of Zamalek players within the Born in 99 team after the summit match against Al-Ahly at the end of the Republic Championship, which included the suspension of Imam Ashour, the first team player for 12 matches and a fine of 200 thousand pounds, in addition to the suspension 5 other youth, 8 matches, and 100 thousand pounds a fine for each of them.

Zamalek Club, upon issuance of the penalties, issued a statement confirming that the committee in charge of managing the club confirmed its complete rejection of the penalties and its annoyance with the decisions and that it will take all necessary measures to preserve the rights of the club. .

For his part, a source in Zamalek revealed that the Football Association continues its intransigence policy towards the club without justification, and the beginning was by adhering to the Egyptian refereeing team for the summit, then depriving the youth team of the title of the Republic Championship in violation of the regulations, and finally, Imam Ashour suspended 12 matches in an unprecedented penalty that has no justification, adding Zamalek is sticking to its position and will not back down from obtaining all of its legitimate rights.

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club decided to open the door to investigation with the players of the youth team, born in 99 and Imam Ashour, the player of the first team, because of the videos that were recently spread on social media sites after the last match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly in the Republic Championship, born in 1999, in which the players of Zamalek and Imam Ashour directed insults to the club Al-Ahly and some Al-Ahly personalities.

Nadi management confirmed Zamalek In a statement published on the official website, it will make its decisions according to the investigation that will take place in this regard and will be subject to it In front of Ashour Team 99 players in accordance with the principles and values ​​of Zamalek Club, and the club management will also send a complaint to the Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association supported by some videos of the players Ahly For overriding the rights of the Zamalek club, and the club’s management demands that one measure be equal and that the principle of justice be achieved in the decisions of the Football Association towards all clubs.


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