Zamalek is wrong … Al-Ameri Farouk reveals the scenes of the cancellation of the basketball match and the secret of the crisis


Al-Ameri Farouk revealed the club’s vice president Ahly About the scenes of what happened in a football team match The basket Before Zamalek in the league championship, which the match observer decided to cancel and consider Ahly The winning team.

Al-Ameri Farouk confirmed in statements to MBC Egypt that the match observer was the one who decided to cancel it after waiting لمدة hour And a half in order for Zamalek to be able to control the crowd that stormed the hall.

He added that Al-Ahly entered the match hall, but there were no fans in it, but before the match the fans stormed the hall, but Zamalek failed to control the crowd and take it out, stressing that portraying Zamalek is wrongful.

He added that Al-Ahly had never asked that any of the stars of Zamalek leave the hall, but the crisis was caused by the fans.

He added that after the match was canceled, the Zamalek board of directors was keen to apologize to the Al-Ahly team for what happened, saying, “We said,” We are not upset. ”

He added that the talk about holding the two teams’ match in the first round in the presence of the fans was with the approval and request of the Basketball Association.

He concluded by stressing that Zamalek asked Al-Ahly last season to leave the fans to Abdullah Faisal’s hall, and Al-Ahly agreed immediately without any crisis.


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