Zamalek officially refuses to appoint Egyptian rulers to meet the summit in a speech to Jabalia


The committee in charge of managing Zamalek club sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in which it objected to Al-Jabaliya’s decision to entrust the management of the next summit match against Al-Ahly in the league scheduled for April 18 this year, to an Egyptian referee team.

The committee that runs the club confirmed that Zamalek puts its full confidence in the Egyptian arbitration, but the club, and due to the burning competition at the top of the tournament, refuses any direction to the idea of ​​assigning the match to an Egyptian crew, and to abide by what is known in the summit matches with the presence of a foreign refereeing team, especially since there is nothing hindering So, as a guarantee to lift the embarrassment of Egyptian referees in such sensitive matches.

This comes at a time when Zamalek players and members of the technical staff and the medical and administrative apparatus underwent a medical examination after today’s training in preparation for the Senegalese Toungit meeting in the African Champions League.

The team is scheduled to conclude its training tomorrow at the club’s stadium at 1:30 p.m. before attending a closed camp in preparation for the Senegalese champion.

The French technical director Patrice Carteron also held a session with Dr. Muhammad Osama, head of the team’s medical staff, on the sidelines of today’s training, and he was keen to reassure the condition of Abdullah Jumah, the left back of the injured team in the connective muscle, and to stand on the medical readiness of the players, especially those returning from injury like Ahmed Syed Zizou and Mohamed Abdel Salam.

Brazilian Oliveira, coach of the goalkeepers of the Zamalek team, was keen to allocate a training program for the team’s goalkeepers Mahmoud Jensh, Muhammad Abu Jabal and Muhammad Awad, before the start of the group exercises that were held today.

Then the guards went through vigorous training under the supervision of the guards’ trainer before the trio participated in the division that was made at the end of the training.

The technical staff divided the team’s players into two groups during today’s training to train them in some offensive positions, and the coach stopped training and instructed the players to implement them in order to take advantage of the opportunities they had to score in matches.

While the players of the first football team at Zamalek Club performed healing training after the end of the training that was held today at the Abdul Latif Abu Rujaila Stadium; In preparation for the meeting with Senegalese Tongit.

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