Zamalek refuses to appoint an Egyptian referee for the summit match


Zamalek club issued an official statement, in which it rejected the idea of ​​assigning the summit match against Al-Ahly to an Egyptian referee team.

A source in the Football Association had stated, Laila Koura, that there are conditions for the idea of ​​using an Egyptian referee to manage the Zamalek and Al-Ahly match on April 18, which was postponed from round No. 4 of the league.

Zamalek said in his official statement

Zamalek club continues its preparations for the upcoming competitions in various tournaments locally and in Africa.

The team is preparing to face Senegalese Toungit next Saturday at the conclusion of the group stage in the African Champions League, after which it will have a date with the border guards meeting in the Egypt Cup on April 14, after which it will go to the top of the league match against Al-Ahly club on April 18 at Cairo Stadium.

The team is currently setting its sights on the African competition before preparing to compete in the domestic matches, at a time when news began to circulate about the possibility of assigning the summit match to an Egyptian refereeing team.

Although Zamalek puts its full confidence in Egyptian arbitration, the club, due to the flaming competition at the top of the tournament, refuses any direction to the idea of ​​entrusting the match to an Egyptian team and to abide by what is known in the summit matches with the presence of a foreign referee team

Especially since there is nothing to impede this, and to ensure that the Egyptian referees will be embarrassed in such sensitive matches.


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