Zamalek rejects the impossible with a victory that revives African hopes


Zamalek regained its hopes of qualifying for Africa by defeating its host MC Algiers, 2-0, during the match that was held today, Saturday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Zamalek’s first goal came in the seventh minute of an attack launched by Ferjani Sassi and passed by Easter, who passed it to Youssef “Obama” to hit it with a strong shot to the left of the Mouloudia goalkeeper into the net.

Mouloudia Algeria missed an opportunity in the 14th minute for a tie after a corner was played towards inside the penalty area and was received by the landowner with a header that was tackled by Jensh, and then the Zamalek defense dispersed it outside the stadium, a corner for Mouloudia.

Zamalek missed the opportunity to double the score in the 17th minute, after a floor cross from Bencharki passed in front of Mouloudias goal, and Marwan Hamdi did not succeed in following the ball into Mouloudias goal.

Shikabala came with the second goal in the 34th minute of an organized attack by Zamalek, and after several passes, the ball arrives at the Black Panther who receives it and hits it on the left floor to the left of the MC goalkeeper into the net.

In the 48th minute, an attack came to Mouloudia and an incursion from Bilal Ben Saha into the penalty area tackled the winch ball and asked the Mouloudia player to kick a penalty and the referee indicated that the match would be completed.

Then, in the 75th minute, came an opportunity to reduce the difference with a low cross from Mouloudia that was tackled by the Zamalek defense, then a powerful ground shot that was confronted by the vigilant Zamalek defense, to bounce back to the Mouloudia player and play a double backhand that went out the top of Jensh’s goal outside the stadium.

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