Zamalek: There will be no agreement between Esperance and Mouloudia


Amr Al-Dardir, the media spokesman for the Zamalek club, confirmed that they had not been notified of any decision to postpone the summit match in front of Al-Ahly or to bring Egyptian referees, explaining during television statements that Zamalek respects all institutions in the country, and adherence to bringing foreign referees is an inherent right to Zamalek.

And he continued: “The time is still long to bring in foreign rule, and the last summit between the two teams in Corona was with foreign rulers.” He stressed that there is no problem in bringing in foreign referees, and the Football Association is the one who came out with leaks about bringing in Egyptian referees.

He continued: “We do not have any dust about complete integrity between Tunisias Esperance and Mouloudia of Algeria in the next meeting, and we are sure that no agreement will happen between the two teams.”


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