Zamalek: We sent the complaint to CAF, but it was late because of the translation .. Listen


01:53 AM

Saturday 17 April 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Amr Al-Dardir, head of the Zamalek club’s media system, stated that they had already sent a complaint to the Confederation of African Football about the Esperance Tunisia match and Mouloudia Algeria, and said that they had a video in which Al-Ahly youth mocked Zamalek.

Al-Dardir said in his statements to “On Time Sports 2” satellite: “We have a video in the Al-Ahly dressing room mocking Zamalek in general, but there is no discipline committee at the present time because the Football Association has dissolved all the committees with the exception of the appeal committee.”

The Egyptian Football Association issued sanctions against a number of Zamalek players because of a video that was filmed insulting the Al-Ahly club and a number of its former stars.

As for the complaint announced by Zamalek about the African Champions League, Dardir said: “We have already submitted the grievance to the African Union, and it is late because we translated it into both languages, and coordination is underway with Hani Abu Raida for this matter.”

The official spokesman for Zamalek indicated that the coach was the one who decided not to set up a camp: “Carteron does not prefer to establish a long camp, especially in the atmosphere of Ramadan, as he considers the match a normal match and is equal to 3 points at the end.”

With regard to what was raised about Mustafa Muhammad’s contract, he said: “Mustafa Mohamed’s contract is inside the club, but indeed a former official got the contract and when he resigned, we asked him for the contract and everything ended.”


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