Zamalek writes history twice with its victory in Mouloudia


A historic victory by which Zamalek revived its hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League after its victory over its host Mouloudia Algeria with a clean double in the fifth and penultimate round of the fourth group of the continental championship.

Zamalek raised its score to five points in third place, aiming to achieve its second victory in the group against Senegalese Twinget on Saturday, while waiting for MCA’s loss against Esperance of Tunisia in order to qualify.

Zamalek’s victory at the “July 5” stadium was historically the first in the history of the white club to be achieved on Algerian soil in the African championships.

The first victory in Algeria

Zamalek had previously faced five Algerian clubs in African competitions, without knowing how to win outside the home, before he succeeded in achieving his first victory in Algeria against the fifth Algerian opponent, Mouloudia of Algeria.

The beginning of Zamalek’s confrontations against Algerian clubs came against Geet Tizi Ouzou – currently JS Kabylie – in the semi-finals of the African Champions League in 1984, and the white team lost the round in Algeria by three goals to one, and won in the second leg with three goals to none, before qualifying to the final and being crowned By title.

Zamalek faced the team of Mouloudia Oran in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League in 1993, and succeeded in winning four goals to nothing to go in Egypt before they tied (1-1) in Algeria back, before making its way to the final and crowning the third title in its history.

The third Algerian opponent was Mouloudia Bejaia, and he met with Zamalek in the 16th round of the African Champions League in 2016, and the white knight won back in Cairo with two goals to none, before the two teams tied in Algeria with a goal for each team, so Zamalek reached the group stage (the quarter-finals).

Zamalek’s confrontations against Algerian clubs continued in the following year in the 2017 CAF Champions League when they met USMA in the group stage, and Zamalek tied home with one goal for each team in Egypt, before losing home away with two goals to none.

Then Zamalek turned to face the Algerian Nasr Hussein Dai in the Confederation, specifically in the 16th round (group stage), where they tied with one goal for each team to go and settle a negative tie for the second leg in Algeria.

In the current edition of the African Champions League, Zamalek tied with Mouloudia in the first round of the group stage, before achieving its historic victory against the team with a score (0-2) to write off the first victory in Algeria.

An unprecedented win for your visitors

Mouloudia Algeria had never suffered a defeat at home against a visiting foreign team at the continental level, that was before hosting Zamalek.

Zamalek recorded the first defeat of Mouloudia at home by a foreign team in the history of the Algerian-African team’s participation.

Mouloudia participated in the Champions League in 1976, 2011 and 2018, and in the Confederation in 2007, 2008, 2015 and 2017, without knowing the taste of losing at home to a non-Algerian team.

The only defeat MCA suffered at home in the African Championships was against an Algerian neighbor, ES Setif.

ES Setif dropped MCA in the Champions League group stage in 2018 with a score (1-2).

Mouloudia Algerias record remained steadfast until Zamalek came in the 2021 Champions League edition, becoming the first visiting team to topple Mouloudia at their stadium.


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