“Zeina herself is loved by scenes.” Reem Al-Baroudi refuses to withdraw Al-Saadani from “all with love”


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Actress Reem Al-Baroudi commented on the withdrawal of the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani from the Ramadan series “All with Love”, who participated in the dramatic work in the role of “Al-Saadani’s friend”, pointing to her refusal of the artist’s position and withdrawal during the show of the series.

“It is withdrawal more than once, and we are showing on the air in Ramadan and people work a lot … This is a farce !, I’m upset with it,” the artist said through the program “The Divination”, presented by the media.

And she continued: “We have long lived in the drama, and problems will happen, but the platoon is closed to us .. Ahmed withdrew three times for different reasons and related to him .. I am not against him because of the sequels or the name of the series that went wrong .. I walked for him and all people rejoiced at the time when we were this and bless each other. On the roles .. Zeina herself, her scenes are removed. ”

Al-Saadani announced his withdrawal from the series a week ago, saying through Facebook: “I officially announced my withdrawal from the (farce) series and submitted a formal complaint to Captain Dr. Ashraf Zaki against the production company, for the clear violation of the contract signed with the company, adhering to all my material rights, Sorry for the inconvenience again, and Ramadan Kareem. ”

A few minutes later, the artist Mustafa Darwish also announced his withdrawal from work on the same day, writing on Facebook: “I announce my withdrawal from the series (All with Love) and raise a case against the producing company for breaching the terms of the contract.”

It is noteworthy that “All with Love” starring the two artists Ahmed Al Saadani and Zeina, and its events revolve around a lawyer called “Subhi”, who agrees with the girl Dahab, “Zina” and her brother Sherbini, in order to participate with him in his fraud and fraud, and one time Subhi asks Dahab to marry From Tariq, who is “Al-Saadani”, in order to be able to expel his ex-wife from the villa, but the winds come with what the ships do not desire.


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