Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives


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The Egyptian musician revealed, Hani Muhanna، Confidential and shocking details On the incident that occupied the Arab and artistic world in 2003, when the Tunisian artist was killed memoryThen, he committed suicide Her husbandIn two incidents, they occupied the media for years.

In an interview he conducted with the Egyptian “Fi El Fann” program, Muhanna talked about the day of the incident, stressing that he was refusing to remarry her husband, Ayman Al-Suwaidi.

Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives

In an interview with the Egyptian “Fi El Fann” program, Muhanna explained that he was refusing to marry Zikra from her husband Ayman Al-Suwaidi / adding that “Zikra wanted to get rid of the family pressures that come from her siblings, because she was living alone with her sister.

Muhanna pointed out that Zikra wanted to get rid of family pressures that came from her brothers, because she was living alone with her sister, and the late Zikra told him: “When I get married, they will forget me a little.”
He added, “Ayman (Zikras husband) came to me at the bottom of my house and told me I want to go up. I asked him to go up where, he told me, I go up to you (to the house).”

And Zikras husband said to him: “If I marry her, I will return to you because you are like her father and my father.”

Muhanna continued, saying, “Ayman felt that the memory of these women was not the women whom they married, such as Hanan Al-Turk, and another dancer. They used to write in the marriage contract a million pounds late, but Zikra did not do that.”

He indicated that Zikra stood with Ayman, who had bought a car and paid his installments for him, went and paid $ 180,000 and paid checks.

Muhanna noted that Zikras husband loved her a lot because she was different from the rest of his wives, and she asked her husband to have children, and she went with Muhannas wife to the doctor and told her that her (reproductive) health was excellent, but he asked for her husband’s analysis.

He added, “I told her husband’s memory of the need to do the tests, so he told her: God willing, in a non-serious way, and he said to her, I will not do the tests, and we do not want children.” Air, but it came in her chest. “
Muhanna indicated that a dhikra husband had a condition similar to epilepsy after the accident because of the shock, and then everyone was killed, and he thought at that moment, “I killed two, and I will be executed. So he killed herHe went out and smoked a cigarette on the balcony and said to himself, “I will be executed.” Then he committed suicide.

Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives

The mystery of the murder of a Tunisian male and the suicide of her husband:

The murder of the Tunisian singer Zikra occurred on November 28, 2003, and she was the owner of a “royal voice”, and one of the few artists who possessed the musical voices that passed through the history of music and singing in the Arab world. She is an artist rich in introducing her talent, strong voice, and her works that inhabited In the conscience of the public, especially the Egyptian public.

Since the Egyptian musician, Hani Muhanna, presented the singer a memory to the audience, and she became one of the singers that the audience classified among the first-row singers, she lived a life full of ambiguous situations, as she is one of the artists who were chased by rumors, and she was always questioned about the situations that were spreading about her, and she was The issue that preoccupied the public the most, is the news of her death, which came as a great shock to everyone inside and outside the artistic community, especially the way that led to her death.

While many statements have spread about the fact that the artist Zikra was killed by her husband, Ayman Al-Suwaidi, and then committed suicide, because of his objection to her work and her late revival of parties, and he changed him to it The statements also circulated doubts about her behavior at other times, according to what her maid, a maid in the apartment, said in the prosecution’s investigations.

Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives

The matter did not end when the prosecution ordered the burial of the bodies and closed the investigations into the accident of killing the memory and suicide of her husband. After a short time after the accident, his brother Muhammad al-Suwaidi submitted a report asking the prosecution to give him permission to open the apartment and inventory its contents, after the neighbors and property guards noticed that the windows of the apartment were opened. And it closed suddenly.

At the request of the younger brother of the businessman, the prosecution agreed to scrape the red wax on the apartment, and the Arab newspapers at the time published the testimony of the investigation officer who examined the contents of the apartment, who described his feelings upon entering the apartment with fear and terror, saying: “The apartment was not cleaned after the accident, so I found Dry blood stuck to the floor of the entrance and scattered over the walls and the sofa on which a memory was sitting.

After entering a memorial room, the officer gave his testimony, saying in the case record, “We made sure that no one, or even windstorms, could open these windows unless he was inside the room, and what we were not sure of was who was opening the windows without someone inside the apartment?” “, Adding:” Official papers cannot accuse goblins, so the record was closed by confirming that the apartment was not robbed, and a question remained about this unknown who moves the elevator, opens the windows, throws stones, plays music and makes the sounds of cats’ meow. ”

Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives

Artist Dhikra Artistic History:

Zikra Al Tounsi was born on September 16, 1966, and began her artistic career in 1980 and contributed to the presentation of many albums.

She was born in Wadi El Layl in Tunis to her mother, Zahra, and she is the youngest of her eight siblings, and they are Tawfiq, Mohsen, Mrs., Salwa, El Habib, Hajar, Kawthar and Wedad. She was known for her tenderness, which made her the closest to all of her family, relatives and even her neighbors. She was attached to her father and slept on his lap when she was young. She joined Elementary School in Wadi El Layl, and then she transferred to Khazindar Elementary School and completed her education.

She started singing while she was in school and her father was encouraging her to sing while her mother did not accept it. She had the ability to perform all kinds of songs regardless of her difficulty. After her father passed away, her mother began to support her, as did all of her siblings.

Zemra was murdered and her husband committed suicide: secret and shocking details revealed of their lives

In 1980 she participated in the competition program “Between Institutes” with the song “Ask Alia” by Laila Murad, which is the same song that she participated in after that in the amateur program “Art and Talents” and the judges loved her voice and won the Grand Prize in the final on July 23 1983 with an impressive and wonderful performance for the song ” Al-Reda and Al-Nour “by Umm Kulthum. So, Izzedine Al-Ayashi took notice, and that was her ticket to the choir of the program.

In 1983, she recorded the first song specially composed for her by Ezz El Din Ayachy, “Ya Hawaya”. This was the year that she performed the first concert at the Carthage Festival in Tunisia. After that, she joined the Tunisian Radio and Television group in the Voices department, and there she met Mr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Ayadi, who later composed most of her songs. At that time Zikra was known for her strong voice and her ability to perform all kinds of songs, including poems, muwashahat, and tarab songs.


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