Zidane: Al-Ahly contacted me at an inappropriate time


Mohamed Zidan, the former Egyptian national team player, confirmed that he did not claim the injury during the reign of American Bradley, the former coach of the national team, pointing out that during that period he had an offer from China and was studying the offer with his manager.

Zidane added in statements to Ontime Sports: “I asked Bradley to travel to Germany to study the show, and I was afraid of injury if I played the Central African match, and Bradley did not go up to the World Cup after that, and I did not join the Egyptian national team.”

He continued: “I was always keen to be with the Egyptian national team, and I did not run away from the Egyptian team. I only apologized for the 2006 championship after talking with Jurgen Klopp and consulting with him, and he convinced me of the need to be with Mainz at the time.”

He continued: “The timing of my professional career in the UAE league was a mistake in the wrong age and I did not study this experience well, and the club refused my treatment despite his injury in one of the matches and ignored me, so I submitted a complaint to FIFA to get all my dues.”

He explained, that the experience of military production did not succeed, and he was not among his ambitions to go through that experience when he returned to Egypt, pointing out that his dream was to return from Al-Ahly or Zamalek Gate.

And he added, “I regretted the experience of Military Production, and I only played two matches, and it was better for me to retire before going through that experience.”

He pointed out that Adli Al-Qai’i contacted him and had a desire to be with Al-Ahly, but the timing was not appropriate at the time, so the negotiations were not completed.

He concluded: “Arsenal has always been my dream, and there were negotiations with the club in 2010 after the Egypt-England match and after registering in this match and registering with his team in Germany, but the negotiations were not successful.”


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