Zidane comments on Ramos’ injury … Barcelona negotiated with the “golden boy”


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane spoke about Sergio Ramos’ injury during the press conference on the eve of his match against Eibar, Barcelonas negotiation with Norwegian star Erling Haaland, and other issues.

Real Madrid is preparing for its match against Eibar, Saturday evening, at the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium, as part of the 29th round of the Spanish Football League competitions.

Zidane began the press conference by talking about the Eibar match, which he considered a final, saying: “All matches are important at this stage, and we have 15 finals left, and we want to reach the end, but we will start facing tomorrow, which is a match of a very strong character, and the opponent will come to play with all.” It is strength, and everything we will do at this stage will be very important. “

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Ramos makes a naive mistake that mocks Barcelona fans

Zidane responded to the criticism that Sergio Ramos, the leader of “Merengue” and “Furia la Roja” was subjected to, after he went to the Spain national team, and who bears the guilt of his injury, saying: “No one, neither Real Madrid nor the national team, this is football, and it is Things happen, and this is the part that we do not like in football, but we have to accept it, and we hope that Sergio will recover as soon as possible, and he always wants to be with us, and we know its importance to the team. ”

Regarding the possibility of Ramos’ absence in the “El Clasico” and Liverpool, Zidane said: “We have a match tomorrow, and we hope that Ramos will always be with us, but we have to think about all the available players, and we are currently thinking about tomorrow’s match, no further than this.”

The French coach responded to a question about his plans for the Belgian star Eden Hazard: “We walk day by day with him, and he is in better condition, but I do not see him ready to participate within 5 days or even a week.”

On injuries during the international suspension: “It is not possible to control what happens from injuries, and I want all players to be present without injuries and in good condition, but football demands a lot today, and we have 10 matches left in the League, and we must focus.”

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The French coach revealed the condition of Toni Kroos: “In a better condition, he suffered an injury that prevented him from continuing with the national team, and he trained with us today, and we will see what the outcome of things is.”

On the presence of Haaland’s father in Barcelona, ​​Zidane commented: “He is not a player, and I will not interfere in what is happening with all external matters, and I am tired of repeating the same thing.”

And about his thinking about next season’s players like Haaland, Zidane replied: “I don’t think about it, I just think about tomorrow’s game.”

Zidane referred to Ramos going to the Spain national team, and if this was a wise decision, saying: “In fact, he did not play with us, but he felt good after 3 or 4 days, and I think it was a normal stage, and he played for a little while and after that he felt pain, and this is a minor injury,” I hope he comes back with us soon. ”

And about the impact of Real Madrid’s elections on Ramos’ future, Zidane added: “I do not think, and what we want Ramos to stay with us, and this is my feeling as a coach for what he presented and does here, and about the injury we are always in contact with the national team.”

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Mbappe: I tell myself that I am better than Messi and Ronaldo

Zidane concluded his speech by responding to the pressures about his compatriot Kylian Mbappe, the striker of Paris Saint-Germain, and the criticisms against him, saying: “I respect the criticism, but the stronger you are the more criticized you are, this happens to all players, and there is always a reaction and there will be criticism, and when the player does With good things, they will talk about it beautifully. This happens to all players, and everyone knows that very well. ”

Source: “AS”


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