15 secret features that iPhone owners do not know


The simplicity of iPhones and their lack of need for major complications in operating and dealing with them are among the most important reasons for their wide spread and popularity around the world, but despite this they contain a large number of settings and features that many users are ignorant of. Among those features and settings hidden inside the “iPhone” phones, which came as follows:

1- Notifications at a glance

You can enjoy the notifications feature at a glance if you are an iPhone 6s or newer owner, and all he has to do is raise the phone to display notifications even when the lock screen is closed, but this feature will only work after activating it from the settings for display and brightness. .

2- priority for some downloads:

Do you update too many apps at once? You can tell the iPhone, about the downloads that must be completed first, and those that are especially useful when setting up a new phone. On the main screen, find the application you want to put in the front of the line and press firmly, then choose the “download priority” option from the options menu.

3- Change the intensity of the lamp

You may not need the flashlight built into the iPhone phones with a strong and bright beam, all you have to do is change the intensity and surfaces of the lamp, and to activate the feature, enter the control center and swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on the iPhone X, swipe down from the upper right corner), then Press and hold the flashlight icon to show you its options.

4- Scan the QR code

You can use it to run websites and applications in a more secure manner, as the iPhone camera turns into a QR code scanner.

5- Delete unused apps

You can free up space on your phone by getting rid of apps that you rarely use or never use, and in fact, your iPhone can do that for you. Go to Settings, then tap General, choose iPhone storage, then enable the option to offload unused apps.

6- Correct camera position

Nobody wanted to miss an important shot, as they were cycling through different modes within the camera app. Instead, when you see something that you need to shoot or shoot quickly, long-press the camera icon instead of gently clicking on it, and you will see camera mode options appear, which will speed up the capture process.

7- Turn off web trackers

Through built-in ads, advertisers can track you across multiple websites, but the latest version of Safari for iOS 11 lets you block this activity, which limits the sites’ ability to monitor your browsing behavior.To activate this feature, open Settings, and click Safari, turn on the option to stop web trackers, and you can also prevent pop-up ads from appearing in the browser.

8- Search for emojis faster

Instead of sorting between rows and rows of emojis to find the perfect reaction, you can convert your words into pictures, by opening letters, typing a line of text, and clicking on the emoji button to the left of the space bar, all the words that can be replaced by emojis will turn color Orange, to swap a word for its brighter pictorial representation, just click on the highlighted word and the emoji will drop.

9- Repeat your live photos

By default, iPhones save a few moments of animation before and after the photo is actually taken, and group them together to create “Live Photos.” To edit one of these Live Photos, open it in the Photos app on iOS and drag it up, and you’ll see a variety of different effects, Which you can add – including Loop, an option that instantly turns “Live Photos” into a short, looping video.

10 – Identify contacts more easily

Set custom ringtones and vibration patterns for the most important people in your life, and you’ll always know whos calling. To create these specialized alerts, open Contacts, tap anyone in the list, and choose Edit. In addition to selecting an instantly recognizable ringtone, you can click on a unique vibration pattern.

11- Change the video resolution

The higher resolution and more detailed frame rate videos look great on the 4K screen but they also take up a lot of storage space, and when you shoot short clips of your friends, you can still get high quality video, while saving a lot of memory, by recording at a lower resolution. . All it has to do is head over to settings, then camera, then record video to reduce the default resolution.

12- Secure your notes

Although it is convenient to keep very private information – such as passwords or ID numbers – in the Notes application on your iPhone, you do not want anyone else to be able to access this information, so protect these notes with a password. To activate them, enter To settings, go to notes, followed by password, and here, you can set a code, lock, or fingerprint, within the app.

13- Limit your location tracking

You should know that certain applications, such as map services or trip-sharing services, track your location in order to function properly. But that doesn’t mean they need to track your location at all times, so iPhone lets you ensure that apps only access your location when you need it most.

To do this, open Settings and click on Privacy, then Location Services. Select any application and change “Always” to “When using only application.”

14- Write the instructions to Siri

In a very loud or very quiet place, you might prefer not to speak Siri commands loudly, so write them instead – in Settings, tap General, then Accessibility, then Siri. Now turn on the Typing option for Siri, now, when you hold down the Home button (or the Power button on iPhone X) to summon Siri, you can speak or write your instructions.

15. Send money via messages

Apple has tightly integrated its Apple Pay service into all aspects of the iPhone, including the iMessage app. When you type in a dollar amount in a chat, it will automatically appear underlined. Click on the underlined number, and Apple Pay will send this amount from your account to the other participant in your conversation.

However, before it is officially transferred, you will have the opportunity to double-check and verify the amount.


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