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Even the national human rights platforms did not stand as required by the news of the prison sector’s release of 645 prison inmates, in implementation of Presidential Decree No. 143 of 2021 regarding pardoning the rest of the punishment for some of the convicts, who fulfilled the conditions on the occasion of the celebration of the blessed Eid al-Fitr for the year 1442 AH..

We do not say celebration or thank you, there is no thanks for a duty that is required according to stable and sustainable policies, but only a human rights follow-up to the security approach followed, which is consistent with the principles of human rights work in its manifestation without human rights auctions.

We have to register as a reminder every time, perhaps they will wake up. Immediately before that and in Ramadan, 1686 were released on the occasion of the holy month. In contrast to individual releases in succession, the sum of the batches of prisoners released by decisions during the past year, (from March 13, 2020, until his hour) amounted to 15 867 thousand prisoners, in ten batches (645 + 1686 + 423 + 2130 + 502 + 16 + 392 + 4011 + 5532 + 530), with a total of 15,867 thousand prisoners, which is a large number if you know.

Approximately sixteen thousand prisoners received a deserved amnesty based on security and justice (judicial) studies, and in implementation of compassionate presidential decisions, praise be to God..

It is necessary to stop, in view of the transnational human rights organizations’ ignoring of the succession of releases in Egyptian prisons..

The releases are done slowly and according to a reformist vision, and without political noise and hype. The Ministry of Interior activates the entitlement to amnesty, in implementation of the frameworks of punitive policies in its modern sense, first qualifying for community engagement to begin with. For those who document, the numbers in the release decisions are published in the “Official Gazette” as evidence of what we say, and the underlying meaning in the above number is 15867 prisoners, translated like this if we want the honest translation. The face of Egyptian prisons.

The negative films about the state of Egyptian prisons, which are referred to by certain international human rights organizations, to issue statements based on fabrications, engineered by Akora Brotherhood groups and associations, and they are pressing internationally for the release of Brotherhood terrorist prisoners under the weight of the viral pandemic. Prisons release prisoners rather than release terrorists!.

Egypt is more entitled to its youth who have embarked on the right path, and if they uphold their right, they have a second chance with human generosity, and not with pressure from groups that are lurking around us to seize the exits of terrorists whose hands are covered in blood.

The Ministry of the Interior does not depend on the amnesty decisions on external and internal pressures, the difficulties and the weeping of brothers..

Shouting voices do not prevent us from requesting more releases decisions, according to their security and justice conditions established in laws followed by prison sector regulations. Releases are surrounded by very strict legal precautions, and presidential pardons are governed by law, not as praiseworthy as they think they are..

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