“20 million await the disaster” .. Sudan issues a statement on the dam


09:28 PM

Sunday 02 May 2021


The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation said that 20 million citizens on both sides of the Nile await the “disaster of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam.”

“We are preparing scenarios to reduce the risks of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam without an agreement,” the Sudanese minister said, as reported by Sky News Arabia.

Yesterday, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that Ethiopias renunciation of previous agreements would mean undermining its sovereignty over the Benishangul region on which the Renaissance Dam was built, and which was transferred to it according to some of these agreements.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry added that Ethiopias attempts to evade international agreements by mobilizing domestic public opinion against it, is a measure that poisones the climate of international relations.

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