3 indicators favor Al-Ahly in front of Sun Downs to cross into the African semi-finals


The club prepares Ahly To face the heavy caliber when guest is on Sun Downs South Africa next Saturday in the second leg of the quarter-final tournament African Champions LeagueTo settle the pass to the Champions League semi-finals.

Al-Ahly achieved a precious victory at the expense of the South African Sun Downs, with two clean goals, in the first-leg competitions of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League in its current version 2020-2021..

Al-Ahly’s chances remain great in reaching the semi-finals and defending the title which it achieved for the ninth time in the last edition at the expense of fellow countryman Zamalek.

There are 3 indicators of Al-Ahly’s side of Sun Downs in reaching the semi-finals, which we will review in the next report.

Musimane, South Africa

The presence of Musimani at the head of the technical leadership of the Al-Ahly club, which is aware of all matters related to Sun Downs, will be a decisive matter in the superiority of the Egyptian champion at the expense of his South African counterpart, as Musimani fought more than 100 matches in his previous state of Sun Downs on this stadium and in this atmosphere and is aware of all Difficulties that will face the red genie in this meeting.


Al-Ahly is armed with history, as it has been on 16 occasions during which Al-Ahly won two clean goals in the first leg at home in the elimination rounds of the continental competitions.

Players experiences

The experience of Al-Ahly players decided the first leg despite the fact that the team is not in its best technical condition, but it won a double and kept its clean sheets, which is the usual realism that characterizes the red genie, and the great experiences of its players compared to their counterparts in Sun Downs, who may prefer at times Aesthetic play at the expense of realistic results.


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