3 signs confirming the continuing effect of Corona on your body after recovery … Know them


Some symptoms of Corona continue after a long period of recovery, and those recovering during this period suffer from some permanent damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, or brain, and they continue to feel long-term symptoms despite the absence of detectable damage to these organs, according to the Times website. Of India.

According to Dr. John Brooks, the CDC’s chief medical officer CDC The extended symptoms of Corona are still not well understood by health experts, saying: “If you have symptoms that you did not suffer from before, something new after Corona, such as chest pain, and difficulty breathing, these are the extended effects of the virus in the body.”

Coronas effects are long-lasting

Chest pain: Corona negatively affects the respiratory tract and affects lung health, experts believe that Chest pain It may be a chronic symptom, and chest discomfort accompanied by mild pain can also be a severe symptom of Coronavirus, which continues on long trips even after recovery.

Difficulty breathing: Shortness of breath is a common symptom after recovering from Corona, according to a doctor CDC. While COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, it can make it very difficult for patients to breathe smoothly, yet it can also persist in patients who have already recovered..

Brain fog: Patients often report signs of brain fog or mental confusion, which makes it an important condition in the long list of common symptoms of Corona, as many people who have recovered from Corona have reported feeling confused, short-term memory loss, and the inability to focus, Or feeling differently than they did before the infection.

Who are most at risk of developing post-corona syndrome?

Older adults, women, and obese people have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus for a long time.


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