4 dead, including a child, a bloody massacre in the streets of Naga Jouda before breakfast


02:02 PM

Thursday 06 May 2021

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

Minutes before breakfast, Naga Joudeh in the district of Awlad Salem Bahri in Dar Al-Salam in Sohag governorate, yesterday, Wednesday, witnessed a bloody massacre, in which 4 people were killed, including a child, while a worker and a housewife were wounded by bullets.

The beginning was when the director of Sohag’s security, Major General Hassan Mahmoud, received a notification from the Dar al-Salam police station that there had been an altercation, gunfire and deaths and injuries in the children of Salem Bahri district.

The commanders of the Sohag Security Directorate, the East Division, the warden and officers of the Center, and formations of the Central Security and Security Forces, moved to the site of the incident.

Investigations supervised by Major General Abdul Hamid Abu Musa, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Sohag Security Directorate, revealed that a quarrel occurred between each of the first party, “Muhammad. B”, 19 years old, a worker, who was shot in the chest with an entry and exit openings, “Al-Iraqi.” 35 years old, a worker with a gunshot wound in the right arm, both entry and exit holes, and he was transferred to Sohag University Hospital.

A second party, Hassan M., 75 years old, a farmer, Ali A.A., 85 years old, a farmer, and the child, Raed. A house with a gunshot wound in the left arm and another in the right foot, and she was transferred to Sohag University Hospital, “Saad Z” 18 years old worker, “Zaghloul. M.” 60 years old, worker, “Ahmed H.” 50 years old, “Taj.” 64 years old Factor.

The investigations of the officers of the Investigations Unit of the Dar Al-Salam Police Station also revealed that the two parties to the fight are cousins, and they live in the same area.

The two sides of the fight were seized, and the fifth was in possession of the weapon used in the incident, a “machine gun”. By asking them they exchanged accusations between them of assaulting each other and firing shots from a firearm that was in the possession of the fifth, which led to the death of the victims, and the reported injuries, due to neighborhood disputes.

The necessary security services were assigned to the location of the incident to prevent the renewal of clashes between the two sides again, and the Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the incident, its circumstances and circumstances, and the necessary record was drawn up, and the Public Prosecution undertook the investigations.

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