4 new decisions from the Ministry of Interior regarding the national ID card, its prices and working hours (Learn about it)


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To facilitate extraction National ID card The Ministry of Interior issued 4 new decisions during the past days, foremost of which is the opening of civil registry offices in a large number of malls in Cairo and Giza, and working hours in some civil registry offices have been extended to 9 pm.

The Ministry of the Interior also decided to continue working with a number of civil records throughout the week, including Friday, and it was decided to send external officers to a number of humanitarian cases in hospitals, to take the required measures to obtain a personal ID card for them.

Al-Masry Al-Youm provides its services to readers and publishes the steps for obtaining the national ID card, the papers, and the steps required to obtain it

The papers required to obtain a 2021 national ID card

1- The number card form obtained from the civil registry.

2- Proof of personal identification, passport or identity card.

3- Marriage certificate for wives only.

4- Approval of the applicant’s profession from the relevant association.

5- A copy of the academic qualification, with the original being reviewed in case there is no work.

6- In the case of submitting an application to change the place of residence, the applicant must be a contract of sale or lease notarized in the real estate registry, or to bring a receipt, telephone, or gas.

National ID form whose prices are in 2021.

There are 3 types of national ID form that differ according to their prices and the consequent period for receiving it

The first form is distinguished and its price is EGP 170. It enables the applicant to receive the national ID card after 24 hours.

The form is urgent and the price is 120 pounds. It enables the applicant to receive his card after 3 days

– The normal form and its price is only 45 pounds. It enables the applicant to receive the card after two days from the date of its delivery.

The ministry has also set up a website to facilitate the citizens as well Obtaining the national ID card From home on specific terms.

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