4 patrols are fighting for Ferjany Sassi, as his contract in Zamalek approaches


No two disagree on the capabilities and skills of Tunisian Ferjani, Sassi, the midfielder of Zamalek, and therefore it will be normal for clubs to fight for his inclusion, especially when he becomes a free player who is not bound by a contract with any other club.

Ferjani Sassi’s contract with Zamalek ends at the end of the current season, and so far the two parties have not reached an agreement on renewing the contract, as fundamental differences emerged between the player and the club, most notably Sassi’s desire to collect his old dues before signing the new contract, in addition to the dispute over the financial value of the contract, where the club specified One million and 600 thousand euros annually as a salary for the player who asked for 2 million and 400 thousand euros annually.

Ferjani Sassi receives many offers during the current period, but he refuses to be busy with this file at the present time until the end of the season with Zamalek, leaving these matters to Muhannad Aoun’s business agent, who handles the negotiation file with any club wishing to include the player.

The struggle over Ferjani Sassi has become, at the present time, between 4 leagues whose clubs want to sign a midfielder for the Tunisian national team, namely the Saudi, Qatari, Emirati and Turkish League, where Sassi entered the circle of interests of many clubs there, and the word will be the supreme word in determining his next destination for the financial return offered to him.


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