4 Urgent Advice … Meteorology announces the duration of the increase in temperature and the amount of humidity


03:59 PM

Monday 03 May 2021

Books – Masrawy:

The Meteorological Authority said that the temperature recorded in Cairo so far is 38 degrees, Luxor 40 degrees, Assiut 39 degrees, Sharm al-Sheikh 37 degrees, and Alexandria 35 degrees.

She added in a post on her Facebook page: Therefore, the temperature continues to rise within the next 48 hours as a result of a very hot air mass blowing from the eastern direction, accompanied by an air high in the upper atmosphere that works on more altitude, but the amount of relative humidity is low, and the brightness periods also increase The sun, and there are no clouds that disperse it.

So it must:

1- Not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

2- Do not leave any flammable materials such as alcohol bottles in cars and leave them at a high temperature.

3- It is preferable to wear loose cotton clothes.

4- Increase your fluid intake, especially water after breakfast and during the night.


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