5 signs and symptoms of corona infection appear on your skin … Watch nails carefully


The new wave of the Corona virus revealed symptoms that are more different and mysterious than the traditional signs that were known when the virus began to appear, and the virus now attacks vital organs in the body, the last of which is causing skin infections and its symptoms, and you must be careful and look for these critical symptoms of skin infections, according to a report by the Times of India, more than 40% of Corona patients now report skin changes as the first signs of infection.

And inflammation is one of the first signs that appear on the skin, recent studies have warned that the presence of certain signs on the nails, such as the appearance of a “clear line” on their nails, may be a sign that some people have contracted the disease before, and there are also many other skin manifestations of infection that must be examined Immediately.

Corona skin symptoms

Covid Fingers and Nails

Covid fingers were from Corona symptoms The unusual that was discussed a long time ago, and now the nails of Covid are the latest symptom to be concerned about, the distinctive signs on the nail can also be an indication that a person may have had a corona infection in the past..

And recent studies have proven that infection and recovery can leave visible lines or spots on the nails. While this may be harmless, the spread of the virus in the extremities can also appear in the form of a change in color, lesions, or a rough texture that can cause Covid toes as well. In the formation of a bluish tinge in the tips of the toes or fingers that is painful, the stress from the infection can also cause some signs to appear on the nails, skin, and even hair, which are all indications of how healthy we really are..

Skin rash and blisters

The rash can be painful and itchy when there is inflammation spreading to the skin, infection with corona may be the cause of the development of an unusual rash.

The rash of corona appears on any part of your body from your arms, back of the neck, thighs to toes. This usually occurs when the virus begins to multiply and attacks the linings along the arteries and veins, which may be red, itchy, or limp at times. The color of the skin also changes when the flow of oxygen to the body decreases. Inflammation can also appear as red and purple bumps in and around the nails or toes. This could be neck and chest eczema.


According to experts, the presence of urticaria or a rash in an unusual way may also be a sign that corona is spreading quickly to your skin What is strange and different about the symptoms of Corona is that, unlike other rashes, hives can come and disappear within hours, and disappear on their own. However, it may be painful, itchy, and cause bumps on the surface of the skin. Case studies have also shown that these symptoms can also appear long after the virus has recovered..

Dryness around the lips

Dry lips or an oral rash can also occur to a person with an active Coronavirus infection. The appearance of dry and scaly lips during the infection phase can be common and the pain can also spread inside the mouth, which is most likely the cause of the dry skin and pimples that occur with the enemy. Dry lips can also occur when you are dehydrated, or not getting adequate nutrition while you heal.

skin Sensitivity

In the growing list of symptoms observed with the new wave of Corona is skin sensitivity, severe sensitivity in the upper abdomen now appears increasingly among patients who have tested positive for the virus, and it can make it difficult for them to dress properly.

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