7 people accused of killing Maradona .. What is the story of the 12 hours?


The authorities charged 7 people with “unintentional murder” who were medically supervising Maradona, days before his death, in news that shook the Argentine street and the football world a few days ago.

Football legend Diego Maradona died of heart failure last November, at the age of 60, two weeks after undergoing brain surgery.

A medical report that was delivered to the Bureau of Investigation revealed that Maradona He was suffering from “acute pain” for more than 12 full hours on the day of his death, and his pain was not considered, which led to his death.

The report said that the prompt treatment of Maradona at the time would have saved his life.

According to Maradonas lawyer, among the neglected facts on that day, the ambulance was half an hour late to reach his place of residence, which the lawyer described as “stupid to the point of criminality.”

Who are the accused?

Among those accused in the Maradona murder are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Loki, who performed a brain operation on him two weeks before his death, the psychiatrist Augustina Kosachov, along with another psychiatrist, another doctor, two nurses and a coordinating nurse.

The report revealed all the doctors who supervised him during that period, especially Loki, who was a close friend as well, and who expressed his deep sadness at the death of the Argentine star.

The medical committee report said that “the patient’s life-threatening signs were ignored” and that Maradona “showed unmistakable signs of a prolonged period of suffering” of more than 12 hours.

The report added that the care he received there “did not meet the minimum requirements” for a person suffering from pre-existing health problems, and he would definitely have survived had he been placed “in the appropriate hospital.”


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