77 defendants were arrested in possession of 82 firearms in a major campaign in the governorates


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The Ministry of Interior agencies in the various security directorates across the Republic launched massive security campaigns, and their efforts resulted in the seizure of 82 firearms in the possession of 77 defendants.

In the area of ​​controlling gang formations, the campaign managed to control a gang formation that included 3 suspects who committed 3 incidents of theft of motorcycles, and in the area of ​​seizing drug cases, 125 drug cases were seized with a total of 133 accused. The campaign also seized 10,405 kilograms of bungo, 33,555 kilograms of hashish and 2,011 A kilogram of heroin and 460 grams of Estrox and a quantity of Shabu, which weighed 637 grams. In addition, an amount of powdered drug weighed 355 grams and 134 grams of ketamine, and a quantity of ice drug weighed 20 grams and 1541 narcotic tablets.

The campaign managed to arrest 14 accused of observers and fugitives, and in the area of ​​arresting those responsible for thuggery and arresting 20 accused in the field of catching violating motorcycles, seizing 319 violating motorcycles and returning 3 stolen motorcycles.

In the area of ​​controlling traffic violations, 27,211 traffic violations were seized and 35 drivers were examined on highways to detect drug abuse, and 5 of them were positive. Legal measures have been taken, and security campaigns are continuing.

This comes within the framework of continuing intensive security campaigns to confront acts of bullying, arrest outlaws and holders of firearms and white weapons, and tighten security control.

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