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How many times have I read those words, congratulating the Coptic brothers, whom we sometimes describe as partners of the homeland, and we may call them the expression that I see crudely (the other). Love, while the shadows of words imply separation, even if the outer covering looks like a piece of sugar, a number of our famous songs that sing about national unity remain a title of discrimination..

As soon as Sayed Darwish uttered the words of Badi` Khairy in the 19 revolution (I am the Egyptian, the generous of the two elements), and we rooted, premeditated and harmed, and without knowing the hateful racism, we sing and bless it, while the song says that we are Muslim and Christian elements, unlike all scientific studies Confirm that we are one element (genes) one, so how then becomes (cream of the two elements)?.

Time gave us a different feeling, there was no sectarian strife, but the attempts made by the colonizer in an attempt to undermine Egypt, the Egyptians remained steadfast because the soil itself did not allow anything but to overlook any small situation, we put it only in its context, and most of what disturb the peace of life is To take the story out of any story from its chronological and psychological context and re-read it, away from all these determinants..

I will tell you a story and leave you to judge it, I apologized at the beginning for revealing the names directly, because frankly I did not ask the permission of their owners, and I am afraid that if you ask them to publish, after all these years, they will feel a little embarrassed by the difference of time and the time differences, so that it becomes not my right to disclose anything, the story Its heroine is a big media player – this incident may be more than 60 years old – and this in itself is absolutely sufficient reason for the big media to ask me not to publish her name..

We met on the jury of one of the radio and television festivals about 15 years ago, in the city of media production, which is the most important drama and program in the Arab world, but since the January 25 revolution, I do not know why we stopped holding it..

The media said: By the way, I am in Heaven, of course, we did not understand what you mean in both cases. She said that she and her brother were baptized, and she narrated the details, that she was living next to a monastery and she was going with her brother to the priest in the church playing and eating fruit, and the priest’s hair, according to his ideas Religious and his conviction, that they cannot enter Heaven, because only one who was baptized will enter Heaven, so he baptized her, and she and her brother participated in singing in church wreaths, all of this was done with the knowledge of the family. She understood the situation in all its dimensions, and only blamed the priest. What remains in the memory of the great media is that the priest used to love her and her brother, and what he did was a way of expressing the intensity of love as he wanted them in Heaven, what if this situation happened now?.

Time used to give us at the time a degree of flexibility in dealing with even human mistakes. Now the most we can do is to sing about racism (I am the Egyptian, the generous of the two) and we call the Coptic ‘brother, partner and another»!!

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